A.T.Richardson | Hard Hill Road ‘Mule Variation’, 2017 – Pyrenees


Winemakers notes: Inspired by the Tom Waits album of the same name, our Mule Variation is a blend of our most enigmatic red varieties: Nebbiolo, Tannat, Durif, and Shiraz. Like Waits’ music, our Mule Variation is an unexpected take on an otherwise regular theme, creating a surprisingly harmonious yet subtly powerful wine. Each variety was harvested at optimum flavour intensity, combined in one open-topped fermenter and vinified with wild and inoculated yeast. Focused, intense and complex. Blackberry, plums, dark cherry, with hints of cooking spice and a floral finish. The slow and uninterrupted two-month fermentation created a uniquely complex structure and a massive array of flavours. A serious wine built to last.

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