A.T.Richardson | Hard Hill Road ‘The Field’, 2017 – Pyrenees


Winemakers notes: The Field is a unique blend of all six grape varieties in our Hard Hill Road Vineyard; a field blend in the truest sense of the word. The total area planted for that variety determines the proportion of each variety in the fermenter: Shiraz 52%, Riesling 22%, Durif 9%, Nebbiolo 10%, Tannat 5% and Viognier 2%. Each variety was separately harvested as it reached its optimum maturity and added to the single open-topped ‘Field’ fermenter, creating a slow, continuous fermentation lasting the full two-month vintage. Aromatic and vibrant, a combination of blackberry, blueberry and floral flavours, medium body, great depth and a long velvety finish. An alluring wine with a uniquely varied set of flavours and a subtle complex structure that will surprise and impress.

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