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Contains: 🥛 Inglenook Dairy full Cream Milk, 2lt 🍞 Basilio Sourdough Hi Tin Bread, 1kg Lard Ass Cultured salted butter, 225g 🥓 Country Style Smallgoods Bacon, ~500g 🍳 Creswick open range farm Eggs 700g ☕️ Enga Roasters, Coffee Beans, 250g ground fresh for you. Quince Farm Jam or Marmalade, 400g 🍝 Otway Pasta Company Pasta 375g Quince Farm at Clunes, Pasta Sauce, ~400g 🧀 Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese - White Mould Cheese ~130g
Seasonal selection, for example: 2.5 kg Kestrel potatoes, 1kg Jarradale pumpkin, 3x Brown onion, 1kg conventional carrots, 3 medium size parsnip, 2 turnip, 1/2 cauliflower, 1 broccoli head, 1/2 celery, 3 medium sweet potato, 1kg unwaxed pink lady Apples, 6 arafurer mandarins.
Seasonal selection, for example: 2.5kg Dutch cream potatoes, 1kg Jarradale pumpkin, 1kg Brown onion, 1kg conventional carrots, 4 parsnip, 2 turnip, 1 whole Cauliflower, 2 broccoli heads, 1 whole celery, 1kg sweet potatoes, 1.5kg unwaxed Pink Lady Apples, 1kg arafurer mandarins.
If you would like more than one loaf of any variety please comment above.
If you would like more than one product of any variety please comment above.
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